Providing space for non-profits to grow.

Our  Purpose
WSCEA_CompositeIn 2012, we opened the doors to the John 3:16 Building for education and the arts that offers rent-free space to non-profit tenants that have like-minded missions: offering intellectual and spiritual growth through education and the arts for the betterment of the community.

Expenses, like rent, can keep many small nonprofits from maximizing their positive impact in the community. By providing “rent-free” space for these nonprofits, they can expand programming that supports at-risk youth, helps participants become more productive citizens, and develops leadership opportunities within our community.

Our Nonprofit Partners

Each year, WSCEA donates the following rental values to our partners:

As of 2019, the Winston Salem Center for Education and the Arts has donated more than $1.2 million in rental value to Winston-Salem non-profits.

How You Can Help
Your tax-deductible financial support is needed to maintain the building and the permanent “rent-free” space it provides. Your donations eliminate the major overhead expense of rent and enable these organizations to concentrate their resources on enhancing our community with effective education, training and leadership development.

Our Board:
President: Cathy Owen ∼ Vice President: Mark Thompson ∼ Secretary: Wally Cox  ∼ Treasurer: Harry Underwood ∼ Nancy Baxley ∼ Bob Edwards ∼ Leslie Lowdermilk ∼ Shirley Shouse ∼ Gary Stiffler ∼ Jim Tew

The mission of Winston-Salem Center for Education and the Arts (WSCEA) is to enrich the Winston-Salem community by providing operating space and nurturing nonprofit organizations that offer intellectual and spiritual growth through education and the arts. We offer rent-free operation space to qualifying nonprofit organizations.