Authoring Action

authoring action 15 yrs.cdrAuthoring Action is an organization that provides tools to youth for their personal success in any career, calling, and life path. Their students are authors of their own lives once they have learned to think analytically, present confidently and express themselves dynamically through creative writing, speech, film and design.

Authoring Action was founded in 2002 as the Winston-Salem Youth Arts Institute. Today, the 501(c)(3) now known as Authoring Action offers year-round youth programs and community services/workshops – created to engage youth and to train staff that work with youth.

Their programming is devoted to building youth as authors, community leaders and advocates for social change – redefining learning through the arts and supporting stronger communities.


As a literary and performance arts organization for teens ages 13–17, Authoring Action creates an opportunity for participation in the arts for youth who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to discover their authentic voices through artistic development and/or who may lack one or more critical support systems.

Authoring Action youth experience the power of the arts and creative writing as a transformational life process. Their signature creative writing process ‘Writing to the Senses’ and spoken word methods offer youth the tools to discover their authentic voices, explore and reshape their lives.

Authoring Action
624 W. 6th Street, Suite 150
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: 336-749-1317